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Daniel Murphy worked out at second base this morning, primarily working on turning double plays.

Murphy looked very smooth delivering the ball to the shortstop, as well as receiving the ball from the left side of the infield, turning and throwing to first.

During the workout, I spoke with Tim Teufel about Murphy's progress and he said he is extremely pleased with the way Murphy has developed at the position.

"He's maturing right before our eyes," Teufel explained. "He had to learn on the fly during the season, and he did a lot of work in Spring Training to get ready. But it's nothing like what you're seeing now. We are way ahead of the game. Now, he can just work to get ready for the season, and not work to learn a position. Does he know everything about that? Probably not, but it's pretty close."

When I spoke to Murphy about second base last year, he suggested that as long as he was playing that position for the Mets it would be an offensive-minded position for the organization. But I think that has changed. In fact, Murphy's defense seems to be an insignificant concern in this camp compared to last year.

Look, Murphy might never win a Gold Glove, and he will always be a work in progress defensively. But this is a kid who is dedicating himself to improving and he is not satisfied with the progress he has made. Rather, Teufel told me Murphy wants more, thinks he can do more, and expects to do more, which is an intangible that has made him very easy to teach, he said.

I like Murphy. He has a strong personality, he is a great cheerleader on the field and in the dugout, and he has shamelessly done everything this organization has asked him to do. I am looking forward to seeing how he evolves as a player this year, on both sides of the ball.

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