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Today in Far Rockaway, Daniel Murphy handed out meals and aided residents of Far Rockaway who were victimized by Hurricane Sandy.

Afterwards, Murphy spoke with reporters and said he isn't alarmed about the team not adding a Major League free agent so far this winter.

“We’ve still got time," Murphy said, according to Adam Rubin of ESPN New York.. "I know [Scott Hairston] is still out there. I’ve talked to Chris Young. I’ve sent him text messages. I think there’s still definitely some help out there, not only in the bullpen -- a little bit in the rotation, but also outfield. I feel like as an organization we don’t want to quite get sucked into maybe some of the prices that are going on right now for outfield. ... I still like the group of guys we’ve got. ...  It’s tough to see R.A. [Dickey] go, but I like the pieces we got back for him.”

That's mostly what I'd expect Murphy to say. I wouldn't expect him to come remotely close to ripping his GM, whether he deserved it or not. And, Murphy is one of the most optimistic and positive players on the roster, and so I expect him to see things through rose colored glasses even in circumstances which are grim.

Frankly, I'm way more concerned about what Sandy is going to do about the outfield than I am about the rotation and bullpen. Make no mistake: the Mets need help in both of those areas as well, but the outfield is actually pretty scary as it stands right now. The Mets have fewer Major League outfielders on the roster now than they did at the end of last year, and what they had last year was just terrible. What they have pegged to start on Opening Day are three players – all of whom are left-handed – who are all trying to prove they are worthy of roster spots, let alone everyday jobs. It's not to say that any of the three won't blossom into productive Major League players, but that's a lot to ask and expect. Murphy's right: there is still time, but we're now under four weeks to go until Pitchers and Catchers report to Port St. Lucie; I'm anxiously awaiting what Sandy intends to do about an outfield that he himself has poked fun at this winter.

To listen to Murphy's chat with reporters, watch this:

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