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According to Adam Rubin of ESPN New York, Nationals manager Davey Johnson acknowledged he had the umpires force Johan Santana to cover the gold Rawlings logo on his glove in the third inning.

"I went to the umpire, I said, 'We haven’t had anybody on base, but I wish you’d check that glove, because I don’t think it conforms to the rules.' It’s supposed to be one color, or similar color, and gold -- shiny gold -- is not a similar color," Johnson explained, according to Rubin.

With all due respect to Davey, that move was ridiculous. It was clearly designed to rattle Santana and the Mets. Why? Because every player who wears a Rawlings fielders glove and wins a Gold Glove Award in this game gets a gold Rawlings logo on it. Whether it's a catcher, first baseman, pitcher or an outfielder - if that player wears a Rawlings glove, they are awarded a gold Rawlings logo. Period. The thing is, I hold the umpires more accountable for the decision than I do Davey, because ultimately it's their decision and they see enough of these pitchers to a point they need to be consistent and fair. It seems every pitcher has a bracelet (including Felix Hernandez, who wore one during his Perfect Game on Thursday), loose laces, necklaces flapping everywhere, and so on. But the umpires need to have consistent standards for every player in every game, and enforce those rules accordingly. In recent years, the umpiring has been less than consistent in more ways than one, and that has to improve not just for this team, but in baseball in general.

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