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During tonight's pre-game show on SNY, David Wright spoke with Kevin Burkhardt and had the following to say about:


His season and his second half struggles:

"I was healthy and that's the most important thing. But as I've mentioned before, the first half I had, it's unrealistic. At some point, the law of average kicks in. But throughout the season, I felt my plan was pretty consistent. I didn't always execute it, but I felt like the philosophy I went up with matchted the type of hitter I am. ... The power will kind of come and go, but going gap-to-gap, hitting doubles, driving runs in, scoring runs - that's the type of player I want to be."

The team's needs in order to become a contender:

"I think there's obviously some pieces that we're going to need. There are guys in here that can contribute to a winning team. We showed it in the first half. I'm sure Sandy is going to look to better the roster. And, I think there are some weakness we need to fulfill, and there are strengths we already have. So, I think it's a good start, a small step in the right direction."

His future with the Mets:

"I hope. I am very hopeful. I am a very optimistic person. I'm going to enjoy the process. I take a lot of pride in the fact I haven't thought about it much this year, and haven't let it become a distraction. But I'm sure, once the season ends, I'll sit down with the people who are important to me - whether, it's my representation, my family, I have three younger brothers - who see things from a different perspective than I do. I'll see what's important, and hopefully make a decision. But yeah, I'm very optimistic and very hopeful. As I've said a million times before: I grew up a Met fan, I was developed, drafted by this team. I've put a lot of pride and there's a lot of joy in putting this uniform on everyday. Hopefully it keeps going for a long time."


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