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David Wright expected the Mets to get off to a better start this season, "but with injuries, and poor play, we put ourselves in this position," he told columnist Andy Martino (Daily News, June 20).

“I think that the decision to develop from within, to keep on those young pitchers for another year, to see what you have and see what’s going to be a part of the solution, and who you might use to go out there and add another piece, was the correct one," he said of the front office's decision to keep payroll around $85 million. "I think that as much as we’re trying to win games, and obviously that’s the number one goal, there needs to be an evaluation period to see what we have with these young players, both pitchers and position players.”

In the end, Wright said, he still has faith Sandy Alderson can turn to the team around.

However, he added, "We all need to look ourselves in the mirror and say, we need to improve as a team. Whether that’s from within, through trades, or through free agency, there is always more to be done.”

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