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I'm a baseball fan. I played baseball though high school, though that quickly ended after having my ACL repaired in each knee. Today, I see the game as a fan, only emotionally invested in what the team does on field, in the box score and standings (while desperately hoping for a return). If the game is a blowout, or the season is lost, I can choose to turn off the TV or not attend a game. I don't, but I do have that option. The players, however, are paid to be there, day and night, winning or losing, contending for a ring or not, and they have to show up and are expected to continue to perform to the best of their ability...

In my talk with David Wright for my recent Q&ACast, presented by Verizon, I asked him how he manages his frustration and motivates himself (beyond the money and the fact that it is his job) when playing in a losing season...

"Losing sucks, that's the bottom line. It puts you in a miserable mood, especially when you're just playing out the season down the stretch," Wright said. "I'm a competitor, I love to compete, I don't care if it's baseball, ping pong, whatever, it doesn't matter, I want to win. That's what keeps me sane, during those times, whether it's those miniature battles - that you-against-the-pitcher mentality, where I'm going to beat you, I'm better than you, I'm going to get this hit or advance the runner in this situation - the battles within the war is what motivates me. It doesn't excite me nearly as much as winning or being in a playoff race, that thrill of coming to the ballpark and being in that race is the ultimate motivator, but within that, there are these little, competitive things that also get my juices flowing even when we haven't been very successful as a team."

You can listen to my 15-minute interview with Wright, during which he also talks rebounding from injury, the back-to-back collapses, the importance of chemistry in the clubhouse, and his affinity for TV dramas...

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