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In case you haven't noticed, the Mets are playing really well lately, having just completed a 7-4 road trip.

David Wright told WFAN that he held a players-only meeting at Citi Field after the team's 5-2 loss to the Chicago Cubs on June 15, saying:

"The first thing I said to these guys was 'Let me make it very clear: I hate team meetings. ... But I just wanted to make it clear, especially to the younger guys who had just gotten there, to not get complacent. Don't just go out there and get accustomed to losing and losing in the fashion that we are. ... You can't get all those [losses] back in one game. It doesn't work that way. You go out there and you win that at-bat. You win that inning and, broader picture, you win that game."
I'm not one to put a ton of stock in these sort of things, mostly because I've heard about many ineffective meetings. That said, the team is playing better, there is no question about it.

To start, they haven't had to deal with constant questions and concerns about Ike Davis and Ruben Tejada. That ended. At the same time, Zack Wheeler was promoted, which replaced the Davis-Tejada storyline with one of hope and excitement, and the other players admittedly felt it.

Meanwhile, Sandy Alderson acquired Eric Young Jr., who he had tried to acquire at times before this. Young has hit well, and so has Marlon Byrd, who is on pace to hit more than 25 home runs. Juan Lagares has played really strong defense in center, Omar Quintanilla has been an upgrade over Tejada, the bullpen has been effective and Jeremy Hefner has been a pleasant surprise in the rotation. Oh, and Wright has been a monster of late, showing he's also a man of action, not just words.

Frankly, the whole group has a nice look and feel to it.

They're not great, not by a long shot. I'm not even sure this group, as constructed, can make a meaningful push over .500. However, they're a lot more fun to watch than they had been; and, if Alderson can make a significant acquisition to anchor the lineup, we could be in store for a fun second half.

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