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Terry Collins announced the Mets have named David Wright the captain of the New York Mets.

Wright joins Keith Hernandez, Gary Carter, and John Franco as the fourth captain in team history.

"This is probably one of the proudest days of my career so far," Wright said. "To be viewed in this light - by ownership, by Sandy and the front office, the coaching staff, and most importantly by the players - means a great deal to me. I'm honored and proud to be on the short list of guys of who have been captain in our history. It's a dream come true, to say the least, and something I am very, very proud of."

Wright said he spoke with his teammates first before accepting the honor, as he wanted to make sure it was ok with them first.

As for wearing a "C" on his jersey, Wright, Terry Collins and Sandy Alderson agreed he will not wear it.

"A uniform is a uniform for a reason ... Everyone is in agreement we will do without it," Wright explained.

Wright said he will not be a "rah rah" guy going forward - rather, he intends to lead by example on the field and is excited about the direction of the organization.

"I'm crazy excited about the direction we are headed," Wright continued.

Update - 5:30 pm: Keith Hernandez issued the following statement regarding Wright being named captain:

"Being named captain was a badge of honor.  My life did not change that much.  I just became a sounding board in certain situations.  I have been around David long enough to know that he is the perfect guy to the be the captain of the Mets."
In addition, John Franco had the following to say about Wright's captaincy:

"We had talks together when he came up. I told him to play hard an play the game the right way. Being named captain is a sign of respect and a sign that the players on the team hold you in high esteem and that they expect you be the leader on and off the field. I took my captaincy very seriously and I know that David will do the same."
4:11 pm: The actual C stitched to the jersey only matters to a point, so it's no big deal that he isn't going to have one. I think Wright has the freedom and endorsement of management to do what is necessary to ‘keep people in line,’ so to speak. He is a leader and was a leader even before today. I mean, he does everything you’d want. This team’s issue isn’t Wright’s leadership skills, it’s the level of talent he has been asked to lead…

For the Mets, and where they are right now in their history, I think having everyone call him "Captain" simply sets a precedent and way of playing the game. In the end, this comes down to the people around David, not David himself. However, it's good for everyone involved to understand The Wright Way to play…

To see David Wright answering questions from the media after being officially named captain of the New York Mets, watch this:

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