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David Wright has reached out to several free agents who might potentially have interest in joining the Mets, according to Dan Martin of the New York Post.

Wright understands he will have to work hard to convince players to join the Mets this winter, but there doesn't appear to be concern over the club's finances.

“I don’t think players are concerned about the financial situation,” Wright told Martin. “From their perspective, they want to know if we have a chance to win. We haven’t really given ourselves a chance the last few years. ... Some players question what the plan is and say, ‘Why should I come to the New York Mets?’ Our track record isn’t exactly great lately.”

Wright is encouraged by the activity so far this winter, and he intends to continue to serve as a recruiter for the Mets as the off-season progresses.

It's nice to know Wright is playing this role for the team, and will continue to do so as needed this winter. He serves as a good interface from the right perspective for players around the league, and there's value in that from a recruiting perspective going forward.

I can imagine it's going to take a big sell for everyone involved to convince new talent to come, and it's fair for any player to question the organization at this point. There's no hiding from continuous losing, continuous negative press, and the buzz about the team from other players, organizations and player agents.

With all of that said, ultimately money talks, and I imagine that will be the final kicker in any negotiation.

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