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I asked David Wright if he had anything to say to Mets fans about being named Captain, considering how pumped up most fans seem to be about the announcement, and he texted back the following:

"Growing up a Mets fan I take a tremendous amount of pride in wearing this uniform. It has been my goal from day 1 to start and finish my career in orange and blue. I am HONORED to be captain of this team and will do everything in my power to bring a championship back to Queens. I truly appreciate all the support I  have received and continue to receive from Mets fans and hopefully we can make you proud."

Aside from his on-field talent and what he means to the Mets as a baseball team, I have always appreciated how aware Wright is of you and me. I've talked to him enough over the years to know he isn't just spitting out cliches, even though it may sound that way at times. He believes what he's saying, and I think he really respects us as fans... maybe because he grew up a Mets fan in Virginia, because of the Norfolk Tides. Or, maybe because he's just a nice guy. Or, maybe because he's such a passionate, die-hard football Giants fan, he can sort of understand our experience to a certain extent. Or maybe because he knows without our support, things could be rather difficult for him in Queens.

In any case, he clearly wants to win for himself -- because he has pride in his work -- but I do think he wants us to be just as proud as he is. And I like that. He's always had a special connection with most Mets fans, I think, mostly because he knows our history, he talks the talk, walks the walk, was drafted by the Mets, came up through the system, and comes across as one of us. He's just also awesome at playing baseball and doing it in orange and blue.

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