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Diasuke Matsuzaka and John Lannan are expected to compete with minor leaguers Jenrry Mejia, Rafael Montero and Jacob deGrom for the fifth starter on the Mets.

"I've always said those veterans can really get you out of the blocks," Terry Collins said Friday. "Then, when those kids are ready, they're the ones a lot of times that bring you that extra energy, especially late in the summer."

My bet is Dice-K gets the rotation spot, Lannan is this team's long-man and Mejia, deGrom and Montero ship out to Triple-A Las Vegas.

Montero and deGrom could easily find themselves promoted later in the year to help out the bullpen. And, while Mejia's potential cannot be ignored, it'll be too easy for Alderson to send him back to Triple-A to be sure he's healthy and continues getting experience. Yes, Mejia has been in the league a while, but he's still short on work because of so many injuries. 

This leaves Matsuzaka and Lannan, who have extra incentive to be added to the roster since they both have provisions in their deals that require decisions by a certain date. Dice-K impressed people in late September, he's got a track record and, if he can find himself again, he could be a total steal and unexpected difference maker. Lannan, on the other hand, doesn't strike a lot of guys out and he doesn't get a ton of ground balls, so he's not the most desirable reliever. However, as a spot starter, mop-up, fill-in guy, he'll be fine...

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