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Last season, Dillon Gee was diagnosed with a clot in his throwing shoulder had later had surgery to replace a portion of the damaged artery.

Today in St. Lucie, Gee told MetsBlog's Michael Baron that he's back to normal, "100 percent," the surgery did what it was supposed to do, and he's had zero setbacks in his recovery.

Gee's doctor told him he likely experienced smaller blood clots for years, which caused occasional numbness in his fingers. He didn't realize it was an issue,  he explained  assuming it was just side effects and the wear and tear of pitching.

He told Baron there were games last season, specifically against the Yankees, when his arm was cold between his pre-game bullpen and taking the mound, which made him feel like he couldn't warm up.

Gee will have nitroglycerine cream nearby in the cold weather, which might still result in numbness in his fingers, he told ESPN New York.

"I hate to say it will never pop up again, because who knows," Gee explained. "However, the doctors say this surgery did exactly what it was supposed to do, the artery looks great, it healed perfectly, and I have identical blood flow in both arms. So, it's rare that it could come back."

To listen to Baron's talk with Gee, click the play button here:



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