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Here's the Mets full statement on Dillon Gee today, released in five parts on Twitter:

"The arterial blood clot in Dillon Gee's right shoulder has resolved and Dillon will be discharged from New York-Presbyterian Hospital today. During the next several days, Dillon will consider additional treatment options, including possible surgery, to prevent a recurrence of clotting in the same location."
First the good news: Gee is healthy enough to leave the hospital.

Now the not so good: as I suggested yesterday upon examining the history of baseball players and blood clots, it was more likely than not to be a season-ending issue. Today's news does not confirm that, but it certainly raises that as one potential path with the phrase "including possible surgery."

Even further non-surgerical treatment would surely include blood thinners, which as the Times pointed out yesterday, "carry their own risk." Moreover, Bobby Parnell's case from 2011, which was treated with blood thinners only (no catheter involved) forced him to miss over a month. He did not pitch between April 19 and May 31. That's now something like the best case scenario.

Any potential roster fixes must be made with the thinking that Gee will be out for a month, at least.

I took that picture of Gee in 2008 with St. Lucie with an old, crappy camera. I'm using it here, because I can. 

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