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This is part three of a series analyzing the Mets' 2012 draft class. The focus is process rather than results. The results will be more apparent in five years, the process is visible now.

Part 1 took on the theme that the Mets over-drafted (they did not), and part 2 touched on the value of shortstop defense and Gavin Cecchini.

Today's topic the Mets' preferred college hitter profile. In a weak year for college bats, the Mets selected only six position players from four-year colleges.  Lets compile their 2012 stats and compare and contrast.



Boyd,JaceFlorida State6Jr.6223993210436234.389.467.527
Rodriguez,RichieE. Kentucky9Sr.54212801831433138.377.469.689


Plawecki, Kevin11.
Reynolds, Matt9.910.314.32.6.356
Boyd, Jace8.
Rodriguez, Richie13.
Leroux, Jon13.
Reynolds, Jeff9.510.

What do we have here? A group of guys who know the strike zone and hit lots of doubles. Five of the six players struck out in less than 11% of their plate appearances. All four guys selected in the top 30 rounds drew walks in at least nine percent of their plate appearances.

You want type? The Mets have one. The one relative exception is Leroux, but hey, by the 32nd round, you gotta make some concessions.

Are you an extremely low strikeout college hitter who walks a lot? Then the Mets would like to date, er, draft you.

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