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Brad R: Carlos Beltran is a free agent after the season. If you were Sandy Alderson, would you consider bringing Beltran back for a year or two to possibly finish his career as a Met?

I know he’s 36 right now, but he is still having a very solid year and shows no clearly visible signs of slowing down. He would instantly be a fan favorite and would add some much needed power in the lineup and protection for David Wright. The Mets will have money to spend and Beltran is a known entity in New York, which goes a long way when it comes to big money contracts.

It would be great, Brad, I agree. I still see him as underrated and under-appreciated, and Alderson certainly has a need for what Beltran can provide. However, my understanding is that he wouldn't sign here again unless he's overpaid. I think issues he had with the Mets were less with this front office and more with the previous group, regarding surgeries, communication, etc.

A reunion is possible, but, according to people close to Beltran, he very much wants to win a World Series ring and my guess is that will rule his decision more than money.

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