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Jeremy B from Hartsdale: I realize the Mets are never going to acquire Giancarlo Stanton from the Marlins. And I want no part of Carlos Gonzalez or Troy Tulowitzki, because of injuries and road splits. But, they have to do something. David Wright and Curtis Granderson are now total mysteries and, while I want to believe in Lucas Duda and Travis d'Arnaud, I don't think the Mets can bank on them going to in next season. Sandy Alderson isn't going to (nor should he) trade any of his top pitching, so he is going to have to spend money and either sign or trade a big hitter. He has no choice...

Matthew Cerrone: OK, but who? Where is the guy he can sign or trade for, who you can bank on? That guy doesn't exist. It's 2014. The reason you are referencing an idea and not a specific player is because that specific player with that contract isn't available. Instead, it's guys with big contracts and on the wrong side of 30, like B.J. Upton, Brandon Phillips, Ryan Howard, Carl Crawford, Andre Ethier and Matt Kemp... and maybe soon to be Granderson, I fear.

Why are the Cubs asking for Zack Wheeler and Noah Syndergaard in return for Starlin Castro? Because they can. Why would the Marlins insist on Matt Harvey in a deal for Stanton? Because he's the best bargain in baseball and every team can afford him.

I'm still intrigued by Jose Reyes, who has around $55 million or so due to him the next three seasons ($4 million buyout on team option in 2018). However, I don't know why the Blue Jays would trade him considering where they are as a franchise and how difficult it is to find a productive shortstop. There could, obviously, be a case where they want to move him and his money, but the price would be steep. Of course, I still contend if Alderson wanted to pay this type of money to an older Reyes he would have done it years ago when Jose was on the Mets... and he didn't. To be honest, I'm still afraid Reyes is going to end up on the Yankees...

Similarly, I'm intrigued by Elvis Andrus and his potential. However, $120 million over the next eight seasons is absurd for a 26-year-old who has been in decline the last couple of years. I still bet Andrus ends up being traded to the Dodgers for a guy like Kemp, but we'll see...

I understand your frustration, Jeremy. However, it's as much an issue with Alderson and his budget as it is with the overall market for offense, which, by the way, is down around 50 percent across baseball going back to the late '90s. Supply is short, demand is high. The good news is the Mets have young players to trade, be it quality pitching prospects or Dilson Herrera and Kevin Plawecki. They should also have room in the budget, assuming they want to increase payroll back to around $100 million (or more). I don't know who can be had, but that has to be worth something to someone, somewhere, right?

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