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So far today, several people have e-mailed me to point out that Carlos Delgado's team option for 2009 is worth $16 million, not $12 million, as I wrote earlier today.

According to published reports, Delgado’s option jumps from $12 million to $16 million only if he finishes in the top tier of the National League MVP voting, and/or if he wins the NLCS MVP and World Series MVP.

I wrote $12 million, because I think it is fair to assume he will not finish among the top candidates in the NL MVP voting, as he is 13th in home runs in the National League, ninth in RBI, and around 80th in batting average.

I suppose, assuming the Mets end up in the post-season, that Delgado could win a post-season honor, but I am not sure that will be enough on its own, based on the complicated point-structure in his contract, to bump up his option value.

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