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…i’m getting a lot of e-mail and fury about this photo, by the AP, which shows Carlos Delgado walking through the locker room yesterday at Shea Stadium holding a Derek Jeter jersey

…from what i can gather, delgado collects the jerseys of his favorite players and top competitors, ether from each season or from over the coarse of his career…in the box he packed up, which eventually included the jeter jersey, it also contained a Tom Glavine, Carlos Beltran and Albert Pujols jersey, among others, on hangers in plastic…

…that’s cool…i can dig it…that’s probably a nice way to mark his trek through the big leagues…a word of advice, though, carlos…in new york, when playing with the Mets, do yourself a favor and keep the Yankees jersey a bit more private, especially following a season during which you hit just .250 and made comments about you and your teammates being bored, all while jeter and company get set to start yet another post-season…seriously, man, think about it

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