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I don't understand why the Mets don't trade both Ike Davis and Lucas Duda to get the most back in two separate deals? They could then put Daniel Murphy at first base and use Eric Young Jr. at second. It seems like a win-win on all sides. Has this been discussed?

It doesn't seem like the Mets are getting high-quality offers for Davis or Duda, otherwise they would have made a trade by now. I suppose a team could still overbid, but that seems less and less likely every day...

In late September, Terry Collins told WFAN that he expects Murphy to be his team’s starting second baseman next season. However, he did say he could imagine a scenario where Murphy plays first base and Young Jr. plays second, though he made it seem like an unlikely solution. I said at that time, and I still feel the same today, that there's a better chance Murphy gets traded than ends up as the everyday first baseman.

I suppose if Davis gets traded and Duda is a disaster in Spring Training, sure, anything is possible. However, short of that, I just don't think the Mets want to go down that road with Murphy again because, a) he's worked very hard to improve at second and he's done a pretty solid job there, b) his bat is most valuable at second, and c) they have other ways to solve first base, in light of Davis and Duda. Alderson could turn to rookie Wilmer Flores, he could rely on Josh Satin or someone else in the minors, he could acquire someone - anyone - through trade or free-agency... or some combination of those five options.

I just don't think using Murphy is a realistic option, unless it's the only remaining option they have.

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