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Shale B sent in an e-mail asking: "Is possible for Wilmer Flores or David Wright to play shortstop, so that both of their bats can be in the lineup, without Flores taking time away from Ike Davis (at first base) or Daniel Murphy (at second base)? Gavin Cecchini is years away, so it would make sense, especially considering the lack of progress Ruben Tejada made this year."

The Mets aren't moving Wright off of third base, at least not any time soon. Period. End of story. In regards to Flores, I've never met a professional set of baseball eyes, who have watched Flores, who think he can play shortstop in the big leagues. They say he's just not quick and agile enough to be effective, and he's only going to get bigger as he matures. He was overmatched and consistently late to the ball in the minor leagues and that will only be exacerbated in the majors.

Murphy is eligible for arbitration each of the next two seasons, and I expect he'll earn around $4 million in 2014. It's plausible to think Alderson views Murphy as not worth his price tag, at that point. I don't know if he feels this way or not, but I can see where he might. And, if he does, what does that mean for Murphy, second base and/or Flores? I do think Mets people believe Flores can hold his own at second, for now. I'm certain it's not their preferred destination for Wilmer, nor is it his long-term home, but I think he can hit enough to justify weaker defense and occupy the spot until a second-round of decisions is needed.

I'd say, in 2014, Flores is either playing second or first base for the Mets or he's playing third base for another organization, because I think he'll be included in every possible trade for an outfielder this winter.

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