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Travis d'Arnaud broke the first metatarsal, or the bone connected to the big toe, on his left foot on April 17.

He will travel to New York on May 17 to have his foot examined by doctors, after which he will report to St. Lucie and begin his rehab, he tells Robert Brender in this exclusive Q&A for

Robert Brender: What have you been doing since breaking a bone in your foot?

Travis d'Arnaud: A lot of resting. Just stay off my foot and trying to keep it elevated so it can heal back to 100 percent. I'm in a boot that I've been wearing all the time, except when I sleep.

Robert Brender: What are the next steps in the recovery process. The initial thought was you would be out eight weeks?

Travis d'Arnaud: I'm going to New York May 17 for a doctors appointment. I know after I see the doctor I go to Florida to start strengthening. Who knows, it could be quicker (than eight weeks), you never know.

Robert Brender: Three times in your career you've suffered from an injury that's caused you to miss substantial time. How frustrating is that?

Travis d'Arnaud: It's really frustrating. I just want to be out there playing and some freak injury happens and I can't do anything about it. It just takes away time from playing and being on the field. I was feeling really good and was having fun playing (before the injury). I think just not being able to play is the worst part about it. I already had the last half of last year not playing and now this happens. I just want to get back on the field playing again.

Robert Brender: You caught Zack Wheeler several times in Vegas and in spring training. What was that experience like?

Travis d'Arnaud: It's huge experience for both of us. He's got unbelievable stuff. We had in-depth conversations about the way both of us were thinking when he was pitching and I was catching. I was telling him what I was seeing and he was telling me what he was seeing. We were picking each others brains to be on the same page and that's really important for a pitcher/ catcher relationship. I know he's been doing really well the last couple of starts. I think it was something mechanical. I talked to him about it and he said he's feeling really good.

Robert Brender: Do you see the potential for Wheeler to get to Matt Harvey's level?

Travis d'Arnaud: Yeah, he has that natural stuff, that lightning arm. The ball just explodes out of his hand and all his pitches are devestating. Once he figures it out, kind of like Harvey did last year. Catching those two pitchers is going to be a lot of fun for me. That's for sure.

Robert Brender: When you were catching Harvey in spring training, did you know he was going to be this good?

Travis d'Arnaud: Coming from a different organization, a different league, I just heard stories about him. Then, once I caught him, and since I've watched him pitch, I can understand what kind of mentality and stuff he has. Yesterday the whole first inning he was pitching with a bloody nose. That shows how much heart and drive he has to pitch. I've never seen (anybody pitch with a bloody nose).

Robert Brender is a broadcaster for Long Beach State Men’s Basketball, host of Your 49er Insider and guest contributor to and

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