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The Mets (39-34) lost to the Yankees (43-28) by the score of 6-5 tonight at Citi Field.

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Trailing 5-1, the Mets scored one run in the fifth inning (on a single by David Wright) followed by three runs in the sixth inning (on singles from Andres Torres and Ruben Tejada) to tie the game at 5. 

However, Robinson Cano hit a go-ahead solo home run off Miguel Batista in the eighth inning. The Mets later got the tying run to third, but fell short.

The Yankees scored five runs in six innings off RA Dickey, who gave up a three-run home run to Nick Swisher in the third inning. Dickey walked three, struck out three and let up five hits.[/jbox]

For a full recap and box score, check out SNY’s In-Game Live.


[avatar name="cerrone"]Matthew Cerrone: Well, that was disappointing. Yes, losing sucks, but I was also really hoping for some sort of epic pitcher's duel, which this was not.

Dickey's knuckleball looked average tonight, with more spin than usual. He looked more like Tim Wakefield tonight than the RA Dickey we've come to know over the last few months.

Of course, the Mets chipped away and fought back… as usual. I'm starting to take their fight for granted. It worries me, though, because a team can't go all year clawing and scrambling and getting every possible two-out RBI. That has to balance out at some point… and when it does, hopefully the bullpen has it's act together.

Speaking of which, Batista was asked to pitch a second inning because of the lack of depth in the bullpen tonight. Nevertheless, I didn't like Batista pitching to Cano, mostly because Cano hit a home run off him the other night. I see it both ways, I get it, and the game was tied, so who knows what the future of this game held, but it just felt wrong and I know I wasn't alone in thinking this way…

Lastly, I can't stand Swisher, who had that cocky grin on his face the entire time he motored around the bases. Last night, he laughed and pointed at Mets fans after catching the final out in the right field. Sure, I'd probably love him if he was on the Mets. But he isn't, and his constant grinning and mocking of opposing fans is so irritating. I mean, for all of Jose Reyes's shenanigans, he never laughed at the other team like Swisher does. Remember how he showed up Johan Santana, parading around the dugout, laughing, after Cano's home run in the Bronx earlier this month? To me, that's more disrespectful than anything Jose ever did. So long as he's on the team, Yankee fans can't call their franchise 'classy.'

I don't know when it happened, but apparently I'm a total sore loser.


To hear from Dickey and Terry Collins about last night's loss, watch WB Mason Post Game Extra from SNY.TV:

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