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The MLB Winter Meetings end this afternoon, during which the Mets signed Bartolo Colon and formally introduced Curtis Granderson.

The Mets were also the subject of several trade rumors including Ike Davis, Daniel Murphy and a variety of starting pitchers and relievers.

"We're very happy," Alderson said before leaving Orlando. "We're going to go home, reassess what's available, and - as we get into the last part of December, and even into January - I'm sure we'll do some things. They may not be spectacular,  They may not be spectacular -- but, we hope, additive to what we've already done."

The way I understand it from people close to the team, Alderson is still looking for starting pitchers on one-year or minor-league deals to compete with Jenrry Mejia for the fifth starter spot. He's also reportedly looking for a veteran set-up man with experience as a closer. It seems like only a matter of time before he trades Davis, and I assume he'll keep investigating the market for better options at shortstop, though Stephen Drew now seems like a long-shot.

There was action in Orlando, which is refreshing. These meetings are not necessarily about getting deals done these days, since front office members can easily communicate. They do not need to be under the same roof. This year, whether the GM Meetings in November or these meetings in December, it was more about collecting information, gauging markets, meeting with agents and setting up the next phase of the winter. The Mets got two new players and seem to have laid more groundwork for the final push before the holidays.

In the end, I'm starting to think these meetings are just as much about acquisitions and groundwork as they are gathering media to bomb us with random rumors, vague sourcing and lots and lots of speculation, all of which I think is a ton of fun, as a fan and blogger. I love it. Are these reporters always accurate? Who knows... They're probably closer to the mark than we think, but the only ones who know the truth are the people working on the deal. It's fine by me, either way.

I got to talk to executives and players this week, behind the scenes, all of whom lamented the media frenzy and misinformation, yet also acknowledged how fun it is and how good it is for baseball. It creates attention.

Yes, they say, it is beginning to negatively impact deals and the market place and it occasionally cause unnecessary work. However, in the end, most people seem to understand it's all for the greater good of their business and our enjoyment of the game.

Lastly, thanks you for reading. This was the ninth time I blogged about the Winter Meetings during the site's 10-year history, and it never ceases to amaze me how crazy and frantic it can be. It's exhausting and exhilarating. This blog is on pace to do record traffic for a single month, so I assume whatever we are doing is working. I pride myself on hustle, focus, organization and being able to quickly put information in to context so you can better understand what was happening around the Mets. It's easier said than done, though, and I could never do it alone. 

SNY.TV's Andrew Vazzano and Michael Baron did a terrific job behind the scenes helping me to aggregate, source and relay links, news and rumor. I put them through hell, changing editorial and design rules every five seconds, yet they handle it in stride and keep doing great work. Thank you, guys... Also, host Robert Brender and producer Jason Potere in Orlando, as well as SNY.TV's Jeff Goldman in New York and Chris Delgado from Spreecast, deserve a ton of credit for the amazing job they did with the MetsBlog LIVE shows that aired here each afternoon this week. I'm beyond impressed and thankful for all of their work. These men did an outstanding job and I look forward to what we can hopefully accomplish in 2014...

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