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Fred Wilpon talked to reporters in St. Lucie today that Sandy Alderson has the financial flexibility to make major free-agent signings in upcoming offseasons.

According to Wilpon, the team's Ownership has not put any parameters on payroll.

"Sandy comes to us and tells us what he needs," he said. "Sandy isn't a guy who is just going to sign players. For instance, with Michael Bourn, it wasn't about money. From the beginning he said he wasn't going to do it if it cost the draft pick. I said, 'Stick to it.' He said he wasn't going to fifth year. I said, 'Stick to it.'"

Wilpon said he can see a day when payroll goes back to what it was under Omar Minaya, 'but only if it's appropriate.' Also, he said, he doesn't want Alderson to spend money just to spend it. Instead, he wants to see a return on those investments.

His family's financial situation has improved, he explained, mostly due to a better real estate market, which is his primary business, as well as stock-market gains and the success of SportsNet New York.

“It’s all in the rear-view mirror,” Wilpon said. "The family is in great shape."

In the end, he sees owning a baseball team as being in the "break-even business," which is his goal.

4:04 pm: Here is video of Wilpon's talk with media today in St. Lucie:

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