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There's almost always a Mets angle.

Yesterday, Jorge Ortiz at USA Today followed up the Miami New Times Steroid/HGH story with one of their own, focused on Nelson Cruz and his links to a trainer, Cesar Paublini.

Here's the story: Paublini trained Melky Cabrera. This is an adulatory story about Melky Cabrera's training with Paublini written in the summer of 2012, that includes this nugget:


But Cabrera made two astute decisions before the 2011 season began that ultimately paved the way for a career renaissance: he moved close to A-Rod's Miami home to work on hitting with the Yankee star and he also hired personal trainer Cesar Paublini to get him in shape.

Cruz has given shifty, evasive answers about Paublini (which of course is evidence of absolutely nothing).

The Mets connection is that Cesar Puello appears in a picture at the gym with Cabrera, Cruz and Paublini. The fact is that Puello was in a gym where Major League players, some of whom have tested positive for PEDs were working out. That is hardly proof he used, or has used a banned substance and he was not mentioned in the original Miami New Times piece. Until he tests positive for a banned substance, I will treat him, and his burly shoulders as innocent.  

Do with this information what you will. I will do nothing. I'm much less concerned about any potential PED use by Puello and much more about his developing some pitch recognition.

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