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Peter Gammons said on WEEI Radio yesterday, ‘Jason Bay would rather play in Beirut than Queens,’ and he should have accepted Boston’s four-year, $60 million offer earlier in the off season.

…well, i’m sure he’d play in Queens if the Mets pay him more money and give him more years… but, that would be very, very foolish… he’s good, but he’s not THAT good… the Mets can’t get crazy, give it to pressure, and overpay this guy in a way they will regret

In the event Bay does not sign with the Mets, Gammons does not see them making a run at a different, prominent free agent, like Matt Holliday; instead, he believes they will save their money, so not to go over the luxury tax threshold, and then try to make a mid-season trade.

For instance, Gammons said the Tigers could look to trade 1B Miguel Cabrera during the season, should they get off to a poor start; and if they do, the Red Sox will be interested.

In a post to his blog for the New York Post, Joel Sherman writes:

“I believed that this was a marketplace to be patient for teams, particularly the Mets. But I also thought the Mets should not have been big-game hunting anyway. I have felt the team was beholden to the core they already have, namely that Jose Reyes, David Wright, Carlos Beltran, Johan Santana and Francisco Rodriguez get healthy and productive. If they do the Mets should be – at the least – wild-card contenders, especially if they did a good job of augmenting around that core this winter.”

…this is exactly what i said the other day…

…again, the Mets need to abandon ship on bay, and spend their money on short-term, fill-in-the-gap players, maybe Jermaine Dye, Miguel Olivo and Ben Sheets, or Randy Winn, Rod Barajas and Orlando Hudson, so to build a more well-rounded roster, which will give them a more balanced team and a better chance to win in 2010, than, say, socking away tons of money in to one bat… by all means, still spend, spend it all, get as close to the luxury tax as you can, but spread it around…

…the problem for the Mets the last few seasons has not been a lack of stars, because they’ve had plenty; the problem has been a lack of depth…

…also, if they’re going to make a mid-season trade, it MUST be a for a player who fits in with the Citi-Field-esque, pitching-and-defense strategy they keep talking about building… this is my big problem with bay, because he will require such a long-term commitment, and i just don’t see how he fits in with their mantra, which says, ‘To win in Citi Field, we must build a team around pitching, speed and defense.’… bay is none of these things

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