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Yesterday,’s Peter Gammons told 1050 ESPN Radio that Jeff Wilpon is the real GM of the Mets, not Omar Minaya.

The show’s host, Michael Kay, asked Gammons if the Mets will look to hire hitting coach Rudy Jaramillo, saying, ‘Omar loves him.’

“But, Omar isn’t the General Manager,” Gammons explained.  “Jeff Wilpon is.”

According to Gammons, “Omar’s the one out there to take the heat.”

To listen to Gammons on Kay’s show, click here.

In 2003, the team’s previous partner, Nelson Doubleday, told the Star-Ledger:

“Mr. Jeff Wilpon has decided that he's going to learn how to run a baseball team and take over at the end of the year… Run for the hills, boys.  I think probably all those baseball people will bail… Jeff sits there by himself like he's King Tut waiting for his camel.”

let’s not get too crazy here… i mean, i don’t recall anyone ripping on jeff when the Mets were cruising through the NL East and headed to the NLCS in 2006, with players mostly acquired during the four years after doubleday that said, i can’t believe it will be good for minaya, the team and productivity if everyone is questioning omar’s authority, especially other GMs…

Last week, Jon Heyman of quoted a Mets person loyal to Minaya as saying, “Omar would be gone if not for that extension,” which will pay him $1.1 million each of the next three seasons.

Gammons believes Jaramillo is leaving the Rangers to earn more money, and he feels there is no chance Wilpon will pay the type of contract Jaramillo will be seeking, especially when considering, as he explained, the Mets are likely to cut their budget for pro-scouting next year.

…i don’t know what it is, but something is off with the Mets

…maybe it’s financial, maybe it isn’t, maybe gammons is right, maybe he isn’t… who knows… but, what i do know is, teams that win and have direction, and who have a bright future, don’t typically have these sorts of soap operas and accusations made against them over and over again… i mean, it’s been like 10 months of these sorts of jabs, news stories, rumors and comments…

…i’m sure the Mets will say gammons is wrong, everything is fine financially, and so on, and this might be true… i’m not saying it isn’t… but, if it is true, and the Mets are correct, and everyone is happy and surrounded by sunshine and roses, then, what i’d like to know is: why all the rumors, why all the insinuations, why are there so many of these stories circling over only their heads, in what seems like every other week… i mean, do gammons, kay, and everyone else in the media have it out for the Mets, or is this a case of where there is smoke there is fire…

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