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The July 31 non-waiver trade deadline is six weeks away...

In a column for today's paper, Joel Sherman says it's time for the Mets to give up and trade Dillon Gee, Bartolo Colon, Daniel Murphy and Jon Niese (NY Post, June 19).

"I know it feels like the endless rebuild," he says. "But, the only way to escape the Groundhog’s Day of repeated failure is to find ways to add more talent," specifically for "position players who will help no later than next year."

The Blue Jays, Orioles, A’s, Angels, Rangers and Mariners will all be looking to add a starting pitcher this summer, according to Sherman, who points out that Angels 1B prospect C.J. Cron and Rangers 2B prospect Rougned Odor are blocked by players on their big-league teams.

There's speculation that Dillon Gee could be a fit for the Angels, who likely don't have what it takes to acquire either Jeff Samardzija or David Price (Rosenthal, June 19).

I have no interest in seeing the Mets trade these guys for prospects that I may never see. I'm sick of waiting on this rebuild. So, I'd trade anyone, as long as it makes this team better, MUCH sooner than later.

For instance, I'd trade Niese, but only in a package with other prospects to acquire a proven hitter, under contract, that can help right now, as well as future seasons. Plus, moving Niese frees up his money for next season, which could be used to sign another hitter. The same can be said for Colon, but I suspect interested teams will be leery of his age and money and the return will be less than Alderson is asking.

As for Murphy, my hunch is the Mets will not trade him, even though he's going to get a slight bump in pay next year, after which he can be a free agent. For starters, he's the only guy they have who hits at home and on the road. Also, if they trade him, they need to find a second baseman. So, the net result of any deal will likely work against the Mets. Still, in the end, he's worth more to the Mets than what they'll be offered. That was evident last winter, when the talked with teams about his value, and I bet it's the same this summer and winter. In other words, until the Mets have a legit option to replace Murphy (and all that be brings to the team), I can't see them moving him any time soon.

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