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The MLB General Managers meetings begin today and run through Friday in Indian Wells, California.

According to a baseball official, Sandy Alderson will likely listen to trade proposals for David Wright and R.A. Dickey at these meetings, "while making it known he is still trying to sign both players," the New York Post reports.

In regards to actual deals, you may see some happen this week. However, for the most part, in addition to discussing league business, GMs and agents often lay the groundwork for deals down the road. They inquire about needs, assets, who's looking for what and why, and they use that information to try and make things happen down the road or at the MLB Winter Meetings, which happen in early December.

In regards to hot stove rumors, I wrote this a few days ago about this week's GM Meetings, which seems worth repeating today:

"Each year, more and more hot stove rumors come out of these meetings. It used to be nothing, but ever since sports media moved from telling complete stories in print to live blogging minute-by-minute movement on Twitter, every conversation between GMs, every bit of eye contact with an agent or slight suggestion of an idea seems to become a ‘rumor,’ or the ‘start of a story.’ This isn’t a complaint, so much as my annual reminder to you that not every rumor means a deal will happen, nor does it mean a rumor was false if a deal doesn’t happen. Also, the absence of a rumor doesn’t mean inaction. Instead, simply think of it all for what it is, which is the “Hot Stove,” a place to get fun, odd and interesting baseball ideas to debate through a cold winter."
The comment section for that original statement reacted as if I said, 'All rumors are pointless, why bother,' which is not at all what I was saying. Instead, my point is: Rumors don't mean a deal is about to happen. It's just a rumor, which could mean a possible deal is any place between Basic Idea (that ends up going no place) and Imminent (meaning a deal could happen any minute). Also, there is the role of agents (trying to create markets for clients) and media (looking for audience), all of which increase the chatter. I like it, I think it's fun and I enjoy talking about it and debating ideas (realistic or not) with other fans. I know others disagree, seeing the overwhelming supply of minuscule, random rumors as simply noise. That's fine, too. Here, though, on, I'm going to relay what I find interesting, noteworthy and try to add as much context and insight as I can, in a realistic way, and I hope you have fun with it...
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