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In case you missed it, effective today, Ted Berg is leaving SNY to take a featured writing position at USA Today.

Ted had been an occasional contributor to MetsBlog and the Mostly Mets podcast during his time at SNY.

In regards to his personal blog,, which many of you linked to from this site and its sidebar, he writes this:

"It will still exist in some fashion, and I hope to continue discussing sandwiches and Taco Bell and nearly everything else here when I’m so moved. But it will live outside the SNY umbrella, and it will not even nominally be a sports blog."

Ted has become a very good friend over the last few years, and I'm so happy for him. I'm equally excited see what he'll be writing, not just about the Mets, but about baseball in general. He has a real talent for capturing the passion, poetry, sincerity and silliness of sports.

In the past, he and I talked a lot about what we were working on, we'd riff and rant on a topic and then each take to the keyboard and write about it in different ways. Now, I'll have no idea what he's working on, and I'm excited to follow his new work, not just as a friend, but as a fan.

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