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In the days before signing his new contract, Curtis Granderson told MLB Network that his top priority was to sign with a team that had a chance to win. He then signed a four-year deal the Mets.

"The fact is, any team can win, especially after what you saw last year with Boston, Pittsburgh, Kansas City did," he said today on the same network, when asked to comment on his thinking. "As long as you continue to move and have a plan, which is what the Mets have, and once you execute that plan things can happen quite quickly. I've been on that side when we did it in Detroit. In 2003, we were one loss away from having the worst record in baseball history. In 2006, we were back in the World Series. Things can change like that as long as you have the right pieces in place."

I feel like every free agent says this at some point or another. I think, in Granderson's case, he may actually believe what he says. It doesn't really matter, though, because in the end, I don't think I've ever talked to a professional athlete who -- in the offseason -- doesn't truly believe his team can win it all, regardless of expectations or acquisitions or the previous year's record.

Granderson also said, at his press conference, that the Mets were the only team to offer him a four-year deal, and that -- for me -- is reason enough for him to be here. I have no problem with a guy who says, 'Yeah, I took the best offer, I wanted the most money and security.' I don't know why more players aren't upfront about this. He may also have total faith in Sandy Alderson, David Wright, Matt Harvey and the overall direction of this team (and where it can within his four-year contract). But, simply wanting to stay in his New York home and cash the biggest possible check is a pretty good reason too. Play hard and do your best, while wearing blue and orange, and no Mets fan will care why or how the deal got done.

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