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The Mets seem to have reasonable expectations for Curtis Granderson in 2014, which may not be the case among some fans and media, who see him as  the 40-HR guy that played for the Yankees.

Yesterday, Granderson pulled two home runs to right field against the Astros, after which Terry Collins told reporters: "I hope to see about 25 more of those when the bell rings."

The natural, comedic reaction among online fans and media was to ask: "25? Why not 40?"

However, in listening to Mets people talk, they expect Granderson to hit around .240 with 20 to 25 HR, 70 to 80 RBI, 15 or so doubles, some stolen bases and hopefully a few less strikeouts than he had with the Yankees. It seems light, but consider the pitching this division compared to the AL East, plus it'll be his first year batting regularly in Citi Field.

That stat line would likely translate in to him contributing two to three wins more than a replacement-level player, which is commensurate with his name, market and what he's being paid. Plus, if he can do that, David Wright should expect more fastballs and better production, as well, so the overall lineup should be much better than the year before... at least that's what I think they're hoping will happen.

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