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Matt Harvey will go back to the doctor in three weeks, at which point the swelling in his elbow will have subsided and doctors can better determine the extent of the ligament tear in his elbow, Terry Collins told MLB Network Radio last Friday.

In the end, the decision to have surgery or not will be determined by the doctors, Sandy Alderson, Harvey and his agent, Scott Boras.

“This is definitely something to keep your eye on,” a front office executive recently told the Daily News. “It might be in his best interest to just have the surgery now, and move on with his career, but if the player doesn’t want to do it, you never know. And you know (agent) Scott (Boras) is going to have a big say in this. There are a lot of moving parts here.”

In some ways, Harvey's follow-up visit is this team's biggest game of the year. The happenings on field seem secondary, at this point.

The way I understand, there is a certain percentage of a tear that will require surgery if he ever wants to pitch again. If it’s a small tear, doctors may recommend surgery, but it will not be required. If it’s an even smaller tear, Harvey can work hard with rehab and likely be ready for Opening Day next season, and maybe even strengthen himself — like Roy Halladay did — to avoid elbow surgery entirely... for now.

If it’s the worst case scenario, the choice is obvious: surgery. However, if it’s the middle range, where surgery is recommended, but not required — like Adam Wainwright — the most difficult decision will need to be made: to have surgery, miss a year and come back later, or pitch now, punt on surgery and hope for the best.

What's more, what does this mean for his next contract? What does it mean for Alderson's off-season plan? There are a lot of moving parts and things to be considered.

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