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"Terry Collins will be back to manage the team next year, people familiar with the situation say," according to Jon Heyman of CBS Sports.

In fact, Heyman says that , while extending Collins beyond the 2013 is not currently on the "front burner," the Mets are likely to give Collins a short extension.

The Mets picked up Collins' 2013 option before the end of the 2011 season. The Mets have gone 142-163 since Collins took over as manager at the start of the 2011 season.

The Mets started the 2012 season by going 46-40. However, they are 19-38 in the second half and have four wins at Citi Field since the All-Star Break. The Nationals (6) and Braves (5) have more wins than the Mets at Citi Field over that time.

Sept. 14, 6:47 am: Collins shouldn't be fired this winter. Heyman is right, they'll probably look to give him a one-year extension that covers 2014, since that is basically what teams do these now (not just the Mets). From what I can gather, an extension would likely be for roughly $1 million a year, so it's not like firing him would be out of the question next summer or before next season (if the team wanted to go that route). I think he's fine. I'm not a huge fan of giving managers contract extensions in situations like this, but I get that the industry does do this and there are negatives to having a lame-duck leader. So, for that money, I think it's fine.

As for Terry the manager, I find it difficult to judge his on-field decisions because his on-field product has been a work in progress. He was more or less hired to change the culture of this big-league clubhouse and, from what I can, he's mostly done that. I can't speak to how he enforced 'accountability,' and I think any one who tries to is simply guessing. I trust reporters on this subject, as they're there every day. I think fans and talking heads who don't see behind the curtain probably can't truly speak to this. But, what I do see are player quotes, who I also occasionally talk to myself, and I do know (despite a second-half nightmare and some media and fans saying he's lost the team) the players talk very glowingly about him. I remember what it was like when players turned on Willie Randolph, Art Howe and Jerry Manuel, and this is NOT that. These guys still love playing for Terry and (above all) they respect his honesty and direction, which I've heard first hand from multiple players (from veterans to rookies). I think he's earned the opportunity to manage Sandy Alderson's 2013 team.

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I don't think Collins deserves the axe for this season. Rather, the Mets just need better players for him to manage. All things considered, he has done as good a job as he can to try and make things happen with the offense, and the starting pitching has been very good all year long outside of a stretch after the All-Star Break. It's fair to question how he's handled the bullpen, but the pitchers have been generally terrible (up until recently) since the start of the 2011 season. He handles the media so well and, as Heyman points out in his article, he is well liked by the players and other members within the organization. He also knows this organization very well (considering he was the Minor League coordinator under Omar Minaya's regime) and he has watched many of these players grow up through the system.[/sny-accordion]

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