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This morning on WFAN,’s Jon Heyman said, so far, only the Dodgers and Giants have admitted to having interest in free-agent OF Manny Ramirez.

According to Ken Rosenthal of, the Giants, and maybe the Nationals, might be left to pursue Ramirez, as the Dodgers could look to sign Orlando Hudson, Randy Wolf and Adam Dunn instead.

Rosenthal believes Ramirez may be left with no choice but to accept a two-year, $36 million offer from the Giants, though, “Such a deal would make him miserable, perhaps as miserable as he was in his final days in Boston.”

Heyman said, regarding the Mets, ‘I don’t like to say anything is 100 percent, but there is no evidence that I can find that they’re gonna be going after Manny Ramirez… I’ll say two or three percent at best (they sign him), there is just no evidence, zero evidence, though I never like to rule anything out.”

Heyman believes that if Ramirez had similar offers from the Mets and other teams, he’d probably favor the Mets.

By the way, the same group of fans who took part in last week’s Million Manny March at the SNY studios are planning a second March for Thursday, Feb. 5, again at the SNY studios, during the show’s Mets Hot Stove show, which airs at 7 pm EDT.

The SNY studio is located at 51st and Sixth Ave., though some fans will be gathering across the street at 6:30 pm by Radio City., before marching over the to studio in time for the Hot Stove show.

The group’s organizers simply say, ‘Bring signs, wear Mets gear, and Go Wild.”

Nevertheless, Heyman still believes Ramirez will sign with the Dodgers.

if the Mets do not at least ask Scott Boras what it would take to get ramirez, they’re crazy… i’m not saying they should or have to go overboard and do whatever is needed to get him, but they have to ask, because this is all playing out right in from of them…

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