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According to Baseball Savant's Instant Replay Database, the Mets are league average in terms of instant replay success.

Entering Tuesday's games, there have been 883 challenges in baseball this season. That includes 154 initiated by umpires and 729 initiated by managers. To date, 47.5 percent, or 420, of these challenged calls have been overturned. Of those initiated by managers, 52.4 percent have been overturned.

The Mets have challenged 24 calls, which puts them 14th in all of baseball; with 45.8 percent overturned, which puts them behind 23 other teams in terms of success. Of the 24 challenged calls, 70.8 percent came on force plays, 25 percent on tag plays and 4.1 percent on grounds rules.

The Cubs have challenged the most plays at 38. The Reds and Brewers are tied for the least with 18. The teams most successful at challenging have been the Yankees and Marlins, both of whom have had calls overturned 76.1 percent of the time on 21 challenges. The least successful team has been the Cardinals, with an overturned percentage of only 21.05 percent.

Manager Terry Collins had been against the implementation of instant replay for a long time, but changed his stance in August 2012 when MLB announced the beginnings of what is now expanded instant replay...

“It would take a lot less time to go look at a replay than to go argue a call,” he said in August 2012 (Newsday. August 18, 2012). “So why not get it right?”

He didn’t use the system much in April, only making three challenges. But this past month was his most prolific as a challenging manager, as Collins made nine challenges in July - including ones in six straight games from July 23-28.

Fourteen of the their challenges have come while the team was in the field, with the remaining 10 while at bat.

A questionable call can arise at any point in the game, but it seems the Mets’ manager has made a habit of reserving his challenge for the late innings, just in case. The Mets have made 17 of their 24 challenges in the 7th inning or later.

Though his 45.8 percent success rate is nowhere near that of the Yankees and Marlins, who lead the league, it is just a shade below the league average of 52.4 percent.

This is, after all, just the first season with expanded instant replay, and there are still almost two months left in the season. It’s been a learning experience for all managers, and Collins and his staff will continue to accumulate experience.

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