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Let's say Ike Davis hits well in Spring Training. He wins the job at first base. Lucas Duda either becomes a bat-off-the-bench or he's optioned to Triple-A. Ike is the man...

How confident will you be that his preseason production will carry over in to April? If it does, how long will it need to be sustained? If it doesn't, how long does he get?

I have no idea how Sandy Alderson intends to handle this situation. It makes me wonder if, say both Davis and Duda do well in March, will Alderson again try to trade Davis before demoting Duda, given what we know of how he marketed Ike this past winter?

If they both struggle, then what happens? Does Daniel Murphy move to first, with Eric Young Jr. sliding in at second? If so, what happens to Ike and Duda? Do both get demoted? Does one get traded? Do they cut Davis?

Also, where does Josh Satin fit in all of it?

This is going to be very, very interesting to see play out. It's going to be the most intriguing story of the spring, no doubt...

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