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Ike Davis is totally in favor of the Mets signing free-agent OF Michael Bourn.

"As a guy that likes to drive in runners, I would love Bourn to be on the bases when I'm hitting just because how he changes the game," Davis said before being honored at the Thurman Munson Awards in New York City last night. "We're going to see more fastballs if he's on the team, he's definitely going to help out the second hole hitter, David (Wright), me, in every aspect of the game. Yeah, it would be great. He's also an amazingly good defender out in center field."

Davis said he wasn't planning to call to Bourn as Wright did.

"I'll leave that to David," Davis said. "I think he would say, 'Ike who? Why are you calling? I don't want to buy anything.'"

That's funny, and probably not true, but still funny... I wonder what impact a call from Wright has on Bourn. I mean, in the end, I assume it's about money, because it always is, especially with Scott Boras as the agent. But, I'm guessing if things are close, or if Bourn has concerns about New York, and the direction of the club, hearing from Wright could help ease that a bit (especially since Wright just made the decision to lock in here for the long term, when he didn't have to). Actually, I bet it has more to do with opening the door to an offer than it does in closing a deal...

To read more from Davis, check out Adam Rubin's post for ESPN New York, as well as Anthony Reiber's work in Newsday.

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