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The way I understand it, talking with people around baseball today, the Mets seemingly talked extensively with one team earlier this month, but then spent the rest of the month essentially fielding weak trade offers for Marlon Byrd.

Thankfully, no player was traded that I feel the Mets should have acquired. It sounds like no team (including the Mets) wanted to move elite prospects, plus a LOT of teams consider themselves contenders, and that -- more or less -- killed any chance of acquiring meaningful offense, which is typically traded in the winter (not mid-season) anyway.

Sandy Alderson will hold a conference call with media later tonight to answer questions about what was and what's next. Hopefully, that will shed some light on where things are headed as he moves toward 2014, which is the year he and his colleagues have talked so much about over the last few years.

Here is a recap of Alderson's conference call with reporters discussing today's lack of action:

5:35 pm: According to Alderson, players that will help them win this season have a 'certain value to us,' and the market didn't reflect that value so he didn't make a deal. He had conversations, but was not prepared to make a deal that would only impact them modestly in the short term or only benefit them in the very long-term.

5:36 pm: "We never got to a point where we were really tempted to pull the trigger," he said.

5:37 pm: "If we can create some momentum this season, whether it results in a playoff run or not, that will have a more positive effect on organization and our fans than acquiring a few mid-level prospects.

5:38 pm: Marlon Byrd was most in demand and the center of most discussions. However, he did have conversations about players other than Marlon Byrd. The offers he got for Byrd seemed to suggest he was being viewed as a part-time player, and they did not reflect how he values Byrd's role on the Mets the remainder of this season.

5:40 pm: He never really had meaningful conversations about Bobby Parnell. "We've spent years trying to find a closer, we finally have one, why would we want to trade him?" he asked, rhetorically.

5:43 pm: Alderson said he talked to teams about acquiring players that could help beyond this season, but prices were way higher (in terms of prospects) than he was willing to pay. "I do believe those same players will be available in the off-season," he added.

5:45 pm: It's difficult to say why so few deals were made across baseball this summer, he said. He speculated that, while it could be because so many teams are in contention, plus changes to the CBA, it could also simply be a result of the caliber of players made available.

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