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In a post to SBNation's Fake Teams about Ike Davis, Ray Guilfoyle says:

"Davis will have to improve in two areas before reaching the 40 home run plateau. He needs to hit better than .174 vs lefties, as he did in 2012. ... In addition, Davis was horrible at home last season. ... If Davis can get off to a hot start like he did to start the 2011 season, before his ankle injury, and show some improvement hitting at home and vs lefties, I see him challenging for the National League home run title in 2013. He hit 32 home runs in 2012 after a horrible first two months, and ended the season tied for fourth in the NL in homers, so he has a very good shot at the NL home run title should he be able to put together six power-filled months like he did in June through September last season."

Last month on WFAN, Davis admitted, "I was pretty bad," to start last season, so he understands why some fans and media felt he should have been sent to the minor leagues.

However, because he was rehabbing from ankle surgery last winter, he wasn't able to run much and feels he lost a lot of athleticism in advance of Spring Training, which was further complicated by 'stuff in his lung,' and potential Valley Fever.

This is why he was totally out of rhythm for much of the first half of last season, he explained. Eventually, he got stronger and healthier, and was able to put together a better plan at the plate.

This winter he's been training properly, the Valley Fever situation is behind him, and, he says, "I'm healthy, which is exciting, because I haven't been this healthy in two years."

Davis, 25, hit .201 with 12 HR and 49 RBI during the first half of last year. In the second half, he rebounded to lead the National League with 20 HR, 41 RBI and hit .255.

Davis should be a 30 HR guy who, on the right team, can drive in around 100 runs. I don't ever expect him to hit more than .270, but at around .250 with a .340 OBP, and those power numbers, he'll still be among the best first baseman in the league... not to mention how well he plays first base. I really look forward to seeing a full, healthy season from Davis, who should be on deck for a contract extension of his own.

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