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Last night, Ike Davis was ejected in the bottom of the eighth inning after his glove touched first-base ump Manny Gonzalez's left arm while arguing a safe call on a pickoff play.

Davis acknowledged to reporters after the game that the contact was an accident, but nevertheless he expects to be fined by MLB.

"A baseball executive watching the game told that he expected Davis would be fined, but no more than $1,000," Adam Rubin wrote to his blog. "He added that a one-game suspension is possible, but perhaps not a likelihood because the contact appeared accidental and the umpire's call appeared to be in error."


[avatar name="cerrone"]Matthew Cerrone: I believe this was an accident, but it doesn't change the fact that Davis was again arguing with an umpire. And, frankly, this is really becoming a bad habit with Ike, as he's been moaning, groaning and showing up umps since he was promoted in 2010. In talking to people around baseball, I hear often about how teams, umps and opposition pitchers view him as a bit of a crybaby. Ordinarily this doesn't bother me. I would probably do the same. I don't think it matters much, unless of course it leads to people throwing at him, or umps tossing him quicker than others or - worse - squeezing the strike zone on him and I worry that might soon start happening. So, I'm going to assume Terry Collins and David Wright, among others, have talked to him about this... but, if they haven't, they might want to start.

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