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Last week on SNY and WFAN, former Mets catcher Paul Lo Duca said, if the Mets are still rebuilding, they should trade David Wright.

Wright is 100 percent committed to the Mets, he told media when he signed his current eight-year, $138 million contract.

“I knew that things were not going to be easy,’’ Wright told columnist Kevin Kernan (NY Post, June 9). “If I wanted the easy way out, I would have signed somewhere else. The challenge of it, the loyalty to the organization, the direction I think we’re going, yes, we’ve gone through some rough stretches these last couple of years and the last few days have not been easy, but this is the process. I love Paul (Lo Duca). He was one of my favorite teammates, but that is a reflection of his thoughts. That’s not what I’m thinking.’’

Look, Sandy Alderson didn't give Wright a $100 million contract so he could trade him. If he didn't want him, or thought he had value in trade, he'd have done it by now...

That said, if I were GM today, the only way I would trade Wright is if I truly believed -- in my heart of hearts, despite what I say in public -- that this team was set back and still five years away from contending for a World Series title. In this scenario, I would trade David for the best hitting prospects possible, 1) because it's the best way to maximize the asset, and 2) because it would be fair to Wright, who is a gifted baseball player, a great guy, and someone who has given his all for this franchise and deserves better than to be Captain of a construction site.

That said, if Alderson believes the Mets can be the next few seasons, either because of his pitching prospects maturing and/or some mystery bag of tricks we're unaware of, Wright must remain where he is. He'll be vital to this team's future success. Wright knows the market. He knows the fans. He knows the media. He understands our expectations and how to handle the pressure. He's polite, generous, political and self aware. And, oh, by the way, when healthy, he's the most productive third baseman in the league. To say he'd be needed is an understatement.

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