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In a series for New York magazine listing reasons why he loves New York, Will Leitch says Sandy Alderson is the best GM in baseball.

"Almost every move Alderson has made since taking over in 2010 has been golden," says Leitch, who is a very public and passionate Cardinals fan. "The Mets are still a mess, but Alderson is the last person to blame for that. And don’t look now, but he may even have brought them to the verge of being good."

This opinion carries additional weight with me because Leitch is a Cardinals fan, and the Cardinals are widely considered to be the best franchise in sports, let alone just baseball... yet, Will thinks Alderson is the best GM in baseball.

I think Alderson is doing a good job, but even I wouldn't go that far. To attain that status, his team should at least produce more wins some season than it did the year before? So far, he hasn't done that. His ability to turn two aging veterans with expiring contracts in to three top prospects who will clearly impact the franchise's future is incredible. He did a terrific job with the David Wright deal. He did a good job -- and admittedly got a bit lucky -- with Marlon Byrd, but he has also stumbled on other free-agent flyers.

In total, the jury is still very much out on Alderson's time with the Mets. He's improved the foundation and long-term potential of this organization, which I think his first challenge from ownership. Now, he's being charged with building a winning team that can sustain success and improve it's position year after year. It's all taking longer than even he might admit, which is why I can't view him as the top executive in his field. I hope I feel differently one year from now.

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