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It was reported Tuesday that the Mets are still active in the shortstop market (Cafardo, Dec. 10), though it will likely be through trade and not free agency, Sandy Alderson told reporters before leaving the Winter Meetings on Thursday.

I believe the Mets are willing to give Drew a two-year deal, and they'll surrender their third-round draft pick to make it happen. However, it reads like he's more likely to take the standing two-year offer from the Red Sox than the Mets. And, since the Mets are do not seem willing to give him a three-year deal, they must be backing off and turning to the trade market.

Personally, I'd give him the three-year deal. It's a lot, and possibly too much for a guy of his caliber. However, like with Curtis Granderson and Bartolo Colon, the Mets are in a position where they'll always have go the extra mile until they begin competing on a regular basis. Drew would be a massive upgrade at shortstop compared to what was on the field last season for the Mets. He and Daniel Murphy would restore order to the middle of the infield, which I believe is vital for a team's success. Yes, it's an 'overpay,' as Sandy Alderson says. And, I realize Drew's third year (2016) is when Matt Harvey, Zack Wheeler, Daniel Murphy and others will likely be earning significantly more money and Alderson may prefer to have the financial freedom to be able to add to what will hopefully be a contending team. However, I feel acquiring Drew would be worth it to help get Alderson to that point, and all for a reasonable, movable price.

Drew provides above-average production for a shortstop and he's serviceable on defense. His strikeout rate has increased steadily every year, but he pairs it with a good walk rate and more power than you’ll generally get from the position. As a hitter, he’s well suited for Citi Field as he hits a lot of line drives and can take advantage of its big gaps. He’s vulnerable against left-handed pitching, though, which is a concern for an already lefty-heavy team.

Drew dealt with a concussion late in spring training and a strained hamstring during the season, all of which limited him to only 124 games. It’s worth noting that he hasn’t played a full season since 2010. The good news that is he appears to be past those injuries, though questions will always remain until he shows he can stay healthy for a full year.

I’m not completely sold on Drew. He has only posted an OPS+ greater than 100 three times since 2006. He made $9.5 million this past season and, at age 30, I’m not sure he’s destined for a pay cut. Yes, he’d be an improvement at shortstop for the Mets, but I think that money can be better spent filling other remaining holes on the roster.

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