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Hey, remember when the Mets were 16-12 and in second place? Me neither, despite it being only a week ago. Today, they enter play having lost five games in a row and are in last place... again.

"Losing sucks," David Wright said after Saturday's game. "We're just not getting it done."

I know it's only May 11, and maybe it's the back-to-back-to-back losses by one run that is getting to me, but this past week felt like a total nightmare. There have been countless missed opportunities and  questionable decisions by Terry Collins, specifically late in games.

If it isn't the bullpen squandering good starting pitching, it's hitters leaving bases loaded. If it isn't bad throws from the outfield, it's Collins pulling the pitcher with just 88 pitches. If it isn't a rare, poor start from the rotation, it's a pinch hitter tipping his hand from the top step of the dugout.

I've watched enough baseball to know the Mets aren't this bad, but I also know they probably aren't as good as they looked a week and a half ago.

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