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Sandy Alderson said it is still "unlikely" he acquires another major free agent this off season, he told reporters Thursday in St. Lucie.

He's clearly referring to Stephen Drew, and maybe Nelson Cruz, but this probably speaks more to their asking prices than it does to the team's budget. Obviously, and thankfully, Alderson is not going to sign Drew to a three-year deal that includes an opt-out clause after one year - and since that is what Drew currently wants, adding him is 'unlikely.' However, I'm near certain Alderson would sign Drew to a one-year, $10 million deal with a team option. In the event Drew lowers his ask, Alderson would probably say acquiring Drew is 'likely.'

WFAN's Mike Francesa has repeatedly said on air Alderson made Drew an offer and the two sides are stuck haggling over the length of the deal. According to reports, Drew wants at least a three-year contract, maybe including an opt-out after one year, while the Mets, Red Sox and others are rumored to only have interest in giving him a very short-term deal.

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