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Jeff Wilpon said today that he is more optimistic now than a month ago that the Mets can get new deals done with David Wright and R.A. Dickey, the team's beat reporters said on Twitter.

Wilpon, Matt Harvey, Dave Howard and Jay Horwitz were in Far Rockaway serving meals today at a soup kitchen, after which Wilpon talked to reporters about the state of talks with Wright and Dickey.

He said he is encouraged more and more each day as the process moves along, "because there's been back and forth conversations."

However, he added that he could see a scenario where both or one enters next season without a new deal in place.

In the end, if he had to rank the three scenarios, he would first prefer to sign both players and keep them long term, followed by keeping them and letting them play out next season, which was followed by trading both players.

OK, so, what? The Mets have options, they're negotiating, they'd like each player to stay, but they aren't closing any doors on any possible outcomes. Great. That's probably how it should be, right?

I don't like that Wilpon said in public that there is chance no deal is worked out, and the Mets enter next year with both players moving closer and closer to free agency. But, that could also be a negotiating tactic, so who knows? No one said this was going to be easy.

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