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Jeff Wilpon reiterated to that no bank has ever mandated what the Mets can or can't do with their payroll, despite a New York Post report saying otherwise.

In regards to whether or not his team has a big-market payroll, Wilpon said, "I would point to the fact that you don't have to have that kind of payroll to win."

According to Wilpon, Sandy Alderson has the freedom to spend more money. However, he added, "Sandy's not going to overspend for something he doesn't see value in."

Lastly, when asked about some fans wishing the team would add one or two more players, such as free-agent SS Stephen Drew, Wilpon responded:

"If those one or two things were there, we would have expanded the budget for them. Just to get a guy because the fans think that's the right thing to do, that's not part of the plan. ... We've had the ability to go after some guys that I don't think anybody knew we were going after. They didn't all hit, but we did try, and those all would have expanded the payroll above where we are now."

In Wilpon's view, Alderson is doing a good job, he's put a plan in place, "and we're ready to see the fruits of that labor now."

Again, for me (as one fan), it's not so much about the overall number as it is about doing everything possible to win now, but also balance that with what's best for long-term, sustainable success. I think Alderson's overall plan will do this, but that's what these next few years will be about (seeing how these pitching prospects come together in the big leagues, what roster and payroll flexibility can do for filling in, etc.).

I've said it before, but I just don't care that much about payroll numbers, spending, etc., because I know it's not the end-all, be-all to winning. Also, I see way too many people use it as an easy scapegoat for more complicated, poor decisions, all without giving much thought to what it means to future success and why.

Payroll matters, but it's not the only factor, which is how it is often treated by some fans and media. For me, it's about getting better and winning, and I hope to see that start happening in 2014, regardless of who was or wasn't signed.

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