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After tonight's no-hitter against the Cardinals, Johan Santana had the following to say about:

His pitch count, and Terry Collins' visit to the mound in the eighth:

"He just asked me how I was feeling, and I told him I was fine. In that type of situation, you don't think about pitch counts. I was just trying to get quick outs, and I was just going with it. He came over to me when I was sitting in the dugout, and he told me, I was his hero. And that was the end of it, and I told him I wasn't coming out of the game."

What his no-hitter means to the fans:

"I knew the Mets never had a no-hitter. I never had one. This is very special. We worked very hard, all the things we have gone through, and I have been through. This is very, very special, and I know this means a lot to New York."

Mike Baxter's catch to save his no-hitter:

"It was amazing. When Yadier Molina hit that ball, I just saw Baxter going back, and running to the warning track. When he made that catch, I didn't even know it was in his glove. It was great, it was amazing. It was unfortunate he had to come out of the game, but at the time, it saved us big time. That was the key. Everybody played a big role tonight, and we worked as a team and made it happen."

Carlos Beltran's groundball which actually hit the chalk on the third base line:

"It was tough because it happened so quick. I wasn't able to see anything. They just called it foul and I just stayed with it. There are times when one play makes the whole difference, one call makes the whole difference. If that is the case, then tonight that was that call. I can't say anything about it. I just went with it, and the umpire made his call, and that was the end of it."

Making history with this franchise:

"It's an honor. When I came to this team in 2008, I came to help this team win a championship. We have been through a lot of things, but I will never give up. We always been together, we win, lose together, and to be able to accomplish this is an honor. I know how much this means to New York, and the New York Mets. It is definitely something I am proud of and happy to be part of. Hopefully this will continue, and there will be more coming from anybody."

The clubhouse celebration:

"Amazing. When I went in the dugout, I was talking to Ed Coleman. They came out with bottles of champagne to start celebrating. When I came in, they were all sitting down and waiting. I thanked them because we did this together. It's not just about me. We had a great, great game tonight. Everybody participated, we did the little things the way we were supposed to do it, and it worked out good. I thanked them because we as a team made history tonight."


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