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In the second inning of last night's 7-2 win over the Phillies, John Buck hit a three-run home run off of Roy Halladay.

Buck now has three home runs with a league-leading 12 RBI in seven games -- he has a .792 SLG and 1.162 OPS in 27 plate appearances this season.

“It feels like I’m doing what I’m capable of doing,” Buck said, according to Mark Hale of the New York Post.

Last season, Mets catchers totaled only five home runs and 48 RBI in 601 plate appearances.

“If we’re waiting to get Ike Davis going, [Buck has] absolutely picked up the slack,” Terry Collins said. “You’ve got to have that.”

Buck is scalding hot right now, and is a big reason for the Mets good start to the season. He is providing instant credibility to the catcher's position, something this team has lacked for a very long time. I am surprised by his bat speed and his ability to drive the ball the other way. I do think his advanced knowledge of the opposition helps him to know what to expect, but ultimately he has to execute, and he has done a phenomenal job in doing so over the first full week of the season. I know, it's a small sample and this pace cannot possibly last, but I am enjoying watching him play on both sides of the ball, and hope he can continue to be productive going forward.

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